Monday, August 03, 2009

Dog days

Florence and the Machine are currently belting out 'The Dog days are over' as my working soundtrack - but here's it's a battle against August's dog days, trying to get a number of projects finished, while most of the rest of the working world seems to be at the beach!

July has probably been my most profitable month this year (though that's not saying much!!) but a number of projects are carrying over into August. Now the fun and games revolves around catching people either before they've headed for the airport or just as they come back - and in neither case are too many prioritising taking calls from journos or signing off copy! Still 'tis all good fun.

The one annoyance - and no time of year is any better or worse than another - is those people who promise to call...and don't; or promise to be at the end of a line...and aren't. Life's hard when you're a low priority!

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