Monday, August 10, 2009

Could be a long week

It's just over a week now 'til I go on holiday, but the pace of work shows no sign of slackening off. Two magazines are still on the boil, with a corporate presentation and a web site review now in the mix as well. One slightly longer-term project is all but finished, but one that's been bubbling on a low heat for much of 2009 is now beginning to sizzle. Whereas I really didn't want to get involved in it this side of my holiday, it now looks as though it's going to demand at least a couple of days input from me before I head for the US. Added to that are a couple of update meetings and a new business meeting, plus a whole bunch of stuff to cover for university.

I have to say, it's all good.....and I'd only be moaning if I wasn't busy!

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