Monday, March 30, 2009

Best tools for IC measurement?

A member of the Melcrum IC Hub has raised the question of what are the best measurement tools for IC - and that's the kind of question that both gets me interested and makes me grind my teeth.

In investing 'best of breed' in a tool, we start focusing on the drill being more important than the hole in the wall.

As far as I'm concerned, the best measurement tool is the one that works for you to let you know how successful you have been in using communicating to achieve your stated business outcome.

Effective IC measurement has to be about measuring outcomes, not outputs. Therefore it's a matter of selecting the right horse for your particular course. Define the business objective, what success will look like and how communication will enable that success - the particular measurement tool will drop out of process.

The other key to me is to make measurement an ongoing process, not a series of disconnected events. That way it becomes 'the way we do things round here' and will be far more easily incorporated into strategy development, performance management and the like.

Too often we use measurement to justify what we're doing rather than to really support the business.
I will, of course, be talking more about this on my 'Output to Outcome' course, delivered through CiB in London on April 28th - and all for a very reasonable price!

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