Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Moving on from a static website

So, after about six years, we finally took down the Leapfrog website last night. Now there was nothing particularly wrong with it. And Steve Nichols who designed the revamped version for me a few years ago and has maintained the site through Infotech Communications, is a pleasure to work with.

But when push comes to shove, the site was basically a brochure - and people don't tend to look much at brochure sites these days, or come back more than once. So, I've taken the decision to use this blog as the electronic presence for Leapfrog. Most of my work comes by word of mouth or, increasingly, through the extended network of comms professionals and small agencies I engage with. And if people want to google to find out about what I think and what I do....I tend to pretty much wear my heart on my sleeve here.
In recent months, all my updating has gone on here rather than on the static site, so it wasn't actually too hard a decision to pull the plug.
It may be that Leapfrog will go back on the web at some point - and I've retained the domain name. But for now, I think I'll concentrate on networking - and actually making far more of the blogging community.

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