Monday, November 17, 2008

Just one of those days

There's something about Monday. For whatever reason, it never seems to be the most productive day of the week - and today has lived down to this unloved day's reputation.

Apart from a trip to the dentist which has left me with a fixed but sore mouth, most of my day has been spent trying to move three projects on.

One has actually reached a stage close to a conclusion - I just need one more quote to complete a piece of work. But that quote has to come from a Czech property developer, and today's a public holiday in the Czech Republic. Ah well, when I emailed the commissioning editor to let him know, I found out he was away as well today. Maybe he's in Prague??

For project two, the client seems to have disappeared - phone calls and emails limbo rules.

Project three is trundling along, and today I've called three press offices, and emailed three others with follow-up information to previous calls (if you follow). All have edged things slightly further forward, but none has led to a definitive result. So, as I prepare to hang up my keyboard for the evening, I'm hanging on x 6.

Maybe next week I'll start work on Tuesday.

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