Monday, October 27, 2008

Two things....

.....have really made me smile today.

It's half term and the three kids are all at home. I decided to work early before they got up and lively and get my main bits and pieces out of the way before the kitchen (which backs on to the office extension) became a seething mass of radios, computers, shouting and the odd squabble (Jac's away at the moment at an exhibition, so the last 36 hours has been me + 3).

Anyway, around 10am, I wandered through to get a coffee to be confronted by eight year old Sophie dancing round the kitchen singing 'Love will tear us apart' along with the radio.

Then, I nipped off for a quick bath having done the freelance thing of working in a t-shirt and underpants for three hours. When I came out, L-B, my soon-to-be-fifteen-year-old met with the words: "Some random Spanish bloke rang about work. He asked for your mobile but I said you were out. He said he'd ring back."

Did she take a name? No. A number? No. Has he rung back? No. So that's probably my million ££ contract down the drain....
Ah, the joys of children!!

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