Sunday, October 26, 2008

CMS Success

I was conducting an interview at CMS Cameron McKenna in the City on Friday afternoon at the end of a long and busy week and it was great to pick up the FT Innovative Lawyers publication and see the firm featuring so heavily.

I'd been involved in helping to compile some of the award entries so it was great to see the firm getting recognised at the other end of the process, but it was particularly satisfying for me to see the client magazine - Solve - commended.

I've been working on Solve since issue two, and the last issue I wrote directly for the firm, won significant praise in the FT Awards.
It was bitter-sweet to say the least that when the design team for the magazine changed, I lost the writing gig. But having missed out on one issue, the new agency has asked me to come on board again writing features. I won't be doing as much of the writing as before, but that's no bad thing as more voices bring in more expertise and will help the publication evolve further. The baby's growing up and hopefully is on its way to delivering even more business benefit for the client.

Still, even though I'm a very very small external cog in CMS's corporate wheel, it's nice to get a bit of recognition every now and again, and I came out of their corporate HQ on Friday evening feeling rather chuffed.

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