Saturday, August 02, 2008

You know you're getting old....

...when you could have fathered most of the football team you turn up to support.

Today was Wycombe Wanderers' last pre-season fixture before the new League 2 campaign starts next week. It was also the game closest to Sophie's birthday - she turns eight on Wednesday - so it was a pleasure to take her to the match as mascot for the day.
Now this was a low-key friendly, with a crowd of no more than 1,000, played in warm summer sunshine.
Wanderers lost 2-1, but my youngest didn't care, proudly striding out with Captain, David McCracken before the start, having taken part in the warm up, and spent about an hour kicking the ball around on the pitch.
All the players seemed big and old to her - they seemed terribly young to me. Most were half my age or younger. I felt extremely ancient - but was a very proud dad today.

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