Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Petty grievances

I need a holiday!

The golden rule of freelancing is never to complain when the work pipeline's good - my problem at the moment is that it's overflowing and I'm currently working 11 hour days every day just to keep up.

Juggling five projects and keeping up with the admin is a bit of a logistical nightmare - and hampering my swan-like progress at the moment are:

  • clients who demand the work - and then don't even issue a purchase order for months
  • big clients that sit on invoices (367 days and counting!)
  • clients who promise their internal clients impossible deadlines
  • control freaks
  • interviewees who set a time to be called....and then aren't there.
  • people who offer themselves for interview - and then can't be bothered
  • clients who sign stuff off....and then change their minds
  • arrogant PRs who've forgotten that they exist because of journalists' needs.

Just the average whinge....I love my clients really.

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