Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Is it right to blog about a slog?

Work is a right old slog at the moment. It's not that it's not enjoyable, but the last few weeks have been long days with back to back interviewing/writing, broken up by meetings (sometimes about meetings) often on the phone and quite often drawing people from across a wide range of time zones. I'm tired, the weather's grim and I'm generally feeling off colour.

A number of projects have been dragging beyond their planned timeframe - it's not a problem when it happens with one, but when three or four collide, it certainly adds an edge to the juggling!

Thank god the clocks go forward at the weekend, adding light to the evenings - now all we need is a bit of warmth to the days!

We've just got through Easter weekend, but it was odd being dislocated from the kids' spring holidays. I took Rory and his mate to football on Monday and the first half was played in a snowstorm - although Stockport had the aptly named Dominic Blizzard at the heart of their midfield!

It's spring now and I want to start playing tennis and cricket - but the garden's a muddy morass and the park's not much better, while the tennis courts are slick and greasy.

I also want a few days R&R but am in that typical freelance position of being invoice and work rich, but payment poor. It seems the bigger the client, the more difficult it is to get paid these days - and I've been working for some very big-name operators recently. So, in theory, I could splash out on a few days in the sun, but the reality is in these credit-crunched times that I'll still be chasing my tail chasing payments during April rather than padding across a warm sandy beach.

Ah, dream on!

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