Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sod's law!

I spent a good chunk of this afternoon emailing companies who might like to use my services - some know me, but others were more or less a 'cold call'.

Now I wouldn't expect an immediate response from anyone - but you never know......

So, I was less than best pleased when I went to use the business line late this afternoon and was met with just a hiss and a crackle. I called my line from my mobile....and was diverted straight to voicemail.

I registered the fault online and four hours's still being investigated.

Somehow, the law of sod always kicks in just when it's least wanted.

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Mark Shanahan said...

The phone line finally came back on at 5pm on saturday....grrr!!

Anyway, it heralded a few new bits of work that will keep the wolf from the door - no thanks to BT though.