Monday, January 28, 2008

Back to business

I'm really glad that the new year hangover has finally shaken out and that Britain finally seems to be back to business as usual.

For whatever reason, it was a really slow start to the year and business only really took off again last week. It probably didn't help that my phone line was out of action for three days. But that aside, most clients and business contacts I spoke to weren't exactly rushing to get new projects on track in the first couple of weeks of 2008.

Last week the pace began to pick up, bringing immediate work; remedial action on some very ancient work; the prospect of additions to some fairly recent work; plans for the next step on some ongoing work and two leads that look promising and have required some quite detailed follow-up. So, from having the time to languorously read my Masters text books for a week, I've gone head-down into hyper-work mode in the last six days. Added to that I played squash for the first time in about eight years yesterday......and then, because the weather was so gorgeous here, followed it with a game of tennis.

So, today there's lots of writing to be done, but my whole body aches every time I move proving it's impossible for a 43 year old to go from couch potato to athlete overnight.

One nice piece of post that arrived today was the latest issue of Connections which I write large chunks of for Badenoch & Clark. It covers issues around the recruitment field and is an interesting one to write. While this one's not up on their website yet (it's issue 4), the first two are, and can be viewed here.

Anyway, back to the grindstone now - and hopefully a bit more regular posting on the blog.

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