Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tidal flow

Reviewing my business across 2006, it's clear that this year has been 'tidal'. Work has come in waves, sometimes making it hard to stay on my feet, and occasionally requiring a supporting hand from my associates to ensure Leapfrog rode a few of the bigger and more energetic waves.

But for every wave, there was also a period of backwash where we were able to keep paddling, but were very reliant on another wave coming over the horizon.

At the moment there's a wave building. Last week I was just about packing up for Christmas, but two projects have emerged this week, starting small, but with prospects of something bigger to fall out of them, and another has refused to die - needing some additional, and well reimbursed, work before finally heading from front of mind to top of archive.

The start of 2007 will be about filling those periods between the waves, and to that end, I've had two great meetings with complementary businesses in the last five days. Each does something different from what I offer, but both cross into Leapfrog's area - and both are looking for the kind of support I offer. So, fingers crossed for calmer water in the coming months.

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