Friday, December 08, 2006

History ends up in a watery grave

I've just been up to my storage unit to pull out some old work from my 'archive' (ok stack of crates of old client work).

When I arrived, I unlocked the door, swung it open and was greeted by a strong small of mould.

At first, nothing appeared out of the ordinary - I haven't visited the unit for months, and the crates seemed much as they'd always been.....until I got halfway down the stack. The outsdide of the crates were wet.

I unstacked them, and found that the last four each had about four inches of water sitting in them - all my stored examples of work, years of bank statements, some of my company records - never mind hundreds of CDs and all our Christmas decorations were either sitting in water, or heavily water damaged.

Our unit is on the corner of the storage centre, and it appears that water has been dripping in through a gutter seam and has slowly filled my crates - which are now awash with mouldy foul-smelling water!

How does one quantify lost work? And how can a loss adjustor assess it?

I guess I'll find out all these things over the next week or so.

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