Monday, December 04, 2006

Keeping momentum

There are just two apples left on our tree; the skies are grey and though it's not cold, winter's finally beginning to bite. That generally means a slow-down workwise for a few weeks as our clients turn their attention to Christmas. That didn't happen last year when we had to get a proposal in on December 23rd - and I'd rather like it to stay a bit busy through to the festive period this year to ensure we finish in the black - dispelling the last memories of Leapfrog's awful 2005.

2006 has definitely been a recovery year, and it's finishing with some interesting projects. This morning I've been working on core communication documentation for a new start-up. They're all experienced people with time spent working in some top names and the job now is to make their new-start consultancy stand out from the crowd. It's challenging because there are ever more consultancies looking to support almost every area of the business cycle. All offer similar services and, in the end, it comes down to the client/consultant chemistry as to whether business relationships will be built.

That chemistry is so hard to get across on paper. I can play up their services; what they've done before and what they claim is different from the rest. But until you try it, you never know if it's for real - or merely words on a page. So, in effect, I've been crafting some elaborate calling cards today: whether they're substantial will be proven only once the 'callers' are invited in by their prospective clients.

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