Monday, October 30, 2006

Right....just a few things

1. Is this blog simply too boring to comment on? Loads of people visit it; some stay a surprisingly long time - or return quite frequently - yet I hardly ever get any comments. Am I flogging a dead horse?

2. Why does someone in a medical lab in Burnaby, British Columbia feel the need to lurk on here on a daily basis......and why have I had loads of spam sent to my account since you started lurking?

3. I've been flicking through the latest issue of Communicators which seems to be doing a fairly blatant job of pushing CiB's communication awards by highlighting the benefits of communication awards for comms outputs.

Now, I've been known to be a curmudgeon when it comes to the CiB awards in the past - but actually, I have nothing against people gaining recognition for a job well done - in fact, I urge you all to enter the awards, at least several times over. However, I would like to raise two points: first, CiB is far too reliant on the income the awards provide to be in any way objective on the true value they have within the internal communications (nay, communications) industry. And, second, I urge the judges to only award glittering prizes where the entry provides context beyond the shiny output. Magazines, intranets and the like can look wonderful, be beautifully written and appear the peak of professionalism. But unless they achieve a clear purpose, and that purpose is directly a part of driving an organisation's success, they're mere print on paper or words on a screen. Prettiness, great writing or the best use of a comma in a built up area bear no relation to business success - and isn't that what business communication should be all about?

4. I know my entries are full of typos - but I'm not a proof reader!

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