Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My 'lurker's' a nice person really!

Apologies to the nice lady in British Columbia whom I've offended on two fronts: first, for describing her as a lurker, and second for linking her lurking to the fact that my leapfrog email seems to have become fair game for bulk mailing scammers in the last few weeks.

On the second front - mea culpa. It clearly is merely a coincidence that her interest in this blog happened to coincide with the spam business. But I'm a tad surprised she took offence to the term 'lurker'.

For me, it just means someone who reads blogs but doesn't contribute to them by leaving comments etc. It's not pejorative, and given that hardly anyone feedsback on this blog, there's a whole lot of lurking going on.

So, happy lurking everyone!

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Mark Shanahan said...

Just checking that the comment function actually does work!