Thursday, May 18, 2006

Preaching to the converted

I ran an 'output to outcome' course yesterday with a group of communications managers - 7 IC managers and one PR.

It was focused on internal stakeholder communication and what was most apparent was that communicators want to make communication an enabler for delivering business strategy, but are stymied in so doing by:

  • constantly being forced to react
  • being pushed into the 'package and deliver' box
  • being seen as the people who write and design stuff.

Most of our day was spent looking at how to get into the right conversations so that communication becomes part of the discussion that leads to a business decision rather than simplyt being the transactional packaging of that decision after the debate has concluded.

We also looked at the hoary old subjects of measuring value to the business and making communication a process to deliver business improvement rather than a series of events only sideways aligned to business goals.

My take-away on the day was: Don't talk about communication. Talk about solving business issues, and managers will be far more parepared to listen to you and work with you in the way you want to work.

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