Friday, May 19, 2006

Cast in another light

I was talking to a guy about podcasting the other day and he made the very astute point that the very name of this medium puts a lot of people off.

It hadn't struck me, but he argued that quite a lot of people thought podasting wasn't for them because they didn't have an i-pod.

Of course, podcasting has nothing much to do with i-pods other than the fact that an i-pod is one means of playing back the downloaded content. But you could be using any MP3 or 4 player, your PC or phone or whatever to the same effect.

So, should we be looking for another name for podcasting? It's not broadcast - in fact it's can be 1:1-cast.

Perhaps we should start talking about commscasting????

So thanks Adam from Vodafone for getting beginning to get my mind round that.

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