Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pressure to deliver

Well, I've now heard that my May 17 course - Output to Outcome is full - in fact oversubscribed by one, but that extra person is very welcome indeed.

The content's coming together and I've got the chance to roadtest part of it at a quarterly development day for Penna consultants the week before. May 17's definitely going to be a very interactive day as:

a) I'd bore people to death if I spoke for five hours +
b) The calibre of delegates looks good and I'd rather let them do a lot of the talking
c) My style is conversational/story-telling rather than show and tell
d) We've got a few exercises to work through that'll get people on their feet/scribbling/arguing.

I've already got one opportunity to run a bespoke version of the course in the summer and hope to evolve it further as time goes on.

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