Friday, September 17, 2010

Employee communicators in engagement survey - one week to go

The survey monkey's still ticking over as more and more communicators complete the research questionnaire on the role of employee communicators in engagement. There's still a week to go if you want to add your voice which you can do here

To whet your appetite, here are a few of the trends at the half-way collection point:

  • Almost half the organisations that have responded have no engagement strategy
  • While the majority of organisations recognise the difference between communication and engagement, only 4% claim that recognition is total
  • Almost 90% of communicators who have responded have some responsibility for their organisation's engagement agenda
  • HR is the top 'owner' of engagement - drawing twice the response of 'everyone'
  • HR is also the most common owner of the engagement strategy
  • When it comes to tools, nine out of 10 communicators use email and the intranet
  • Fewer than half still use printed newsletters/magazines
  • Over 80% of respondents formally use social media in the comms mix, with blogs and internal social networks the most common uses
  • Engagement varies widely among responding organisations. No organisation is fully engaged, though 30% claim a 7 out of 10 engagement score
  • Asked what would make the greatest difference to engagement, the most popular response so far is a more joined up approach between functions.

That's a slice of the picture with a week still to go. Will it change? Your views could be vital.

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