Thursday, May 21, 2009

Press pause

An odd day today. I'd initially expected to be working on a new contract this week, but it's all taken a bit longer than any of us would have hoped to come together. It'll get there soon, but it has meant a rather re-arranged week.

Anyway, the void was supposed to be filled today by an urgent copywriting piece. "It'll definitely be with you Thursday, and you'll need to turn it round straightaway," said the client, "as the website needs to be signed off by end of play Friday."

So, I've sat here through the morning; done my admin; twittered and frittered a bit, drunk three cups of coffee and played email ping pong with the client. Apparently the brief went to the US office yesterday and they're having 'further thoughts about the overall concept'. So, I don't expect I'll be bashing out any copy any time soon on that particular piece! The question now is can I charge them for the time they insisted I put aside on their behalf? Probably....but I won't as I like working with them.

It's a shame I didn't find out a bit sooner, as I'd almost certainly have bagged a late place at CiB's annual conference taking place in Birmingham. While I wasn't exactly grabbed by this year's agenda, it would have been good for a bit of networking and to check the IC pulse.

This is the last year that CiB is combining its conference with its awards shenanigans - definitely something I've argued for over a number of year - and I suspect next year's conference will be all the better for not being merely the pre-event for a boozy awards night.

Anyway, bills to pay, paper to file and more emails to ping and pong. Better get back to it.

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