Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's a small, small world

Haven't blogged much recently - but that's because finally I'm working more than talking about working. We're a very long way from being out of the woods yet, but work signs in the last couple of weeks have been far more positive than in 2009's first couple of months.

Anyway, yesterday I was involved in some training for mewbie BBC journalists, and was much cheered by their enthusiasm, their grasp of what was important in the news agenda and their ability to understand what motivates their viewers, listeners and, increasingly, on-line communities. They were young, raw and eager - and I'm hugely encouraged if they represent the future of BBC News.

The oddest thing was being recognised by one of the trainees - a PR exec-turned-BBC newshound who had set up some very successful interviews for me only a month or two ago. It's a small world indeed.

And then today I interviewed my last corporate boss. It's nine years since I left that job and today probably exorcised more than a few demons. The best part of a decade makes a lot of difference: she was charming, I was on best behaviour and we parted with a good interview in the bag.

Life's moved on, and while my past matters, my future matters more.

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