Monday, February 02, 2009

Did you ever see a cat's skeleton up a tree?

I'm glad January's over, though this first working morning in February has dawned cold and snowy. The effect over here is for all three of my kids' schools to close for the day - and the prospect of them opening tomorrow isn't too great either.

Jac got to work this morning, but skidded 5o yards out of control down the country lane that leads to her office. She's expecting that office to close shortly.

Still it makes a change from last week when I realised I was completing my worst month in nine years of business. Just over a year ago I billed my best ever month. January 2009 was less than one eighth of that figure. Just enough to pay the mortgage, but frankly not anything else. Firtunately I have a little reserve in the business, and also some work in the pipeline. But, when all is said and done, at the moment, work at the end of the communication food chain is pretty grim.

However, I was talking to a Russian guy last week who hit me with a terrific phrase: "Have you ever seen a cat's skeleton in a tree?" He's right. However bad prospects may seem now, there's always a way out.

Things will get better - and February will be a much more positive month than January.....when we finally did ourselves out here!

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