Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quiet...too quiet...for too many reasons

Okay, so the only thing passing across my desk this afternoon seems to be tumbleweed. I'm up to date with work - and I'm even up to date with my admin....with just a large VAT payment to send out this afternoon - yuk!

But I'm feeling tense, and can't really settle. Work has been ever so slow to pick up this month - I've got several projects on, but all are slow-moving, reflecting the fact that the corporates I'm working for have fewer people around being asked to do more. The result is that decision making is taking longer and every time I knock back a draft or a plan or an idea for consideration, I'm then sitting around for days before the clients get back to me and the projects progress.
I'm in one of those gaps at the moment. An article for a legal mag has been re-written by a lawyer (why have a dog and bark yourself?); it's now being pored over by lots of other lawyers and I should have an updated draft back by the end of today....or tomorrow. At that point I'm going to have to unpick a lot of the changes since it's now not in the style/tone of the magazine....and also has several hundred extraneous words included. Still, it's their publication, so unless it has moved miles away from the original brief, I'll clean it up, take the money and move on.
Meanwhile, another mag's just about to go to press and I'm waiting on my briefs for the next issue - so all's good there, but I'm now in the downtime 'tween issues. And it's the off-month for my other regular mag too...typical (pah!)
I'm also working on some newsletter guidelines and the training to go with them. The brief's moved around on this a bit, but the first draft's now back with the client....and waiting for a response.
Meanwhile, two other pieces of work - one web-based and the other case studies for a magazine have been promised...but not yet arrived.
So, in theory, I've got plenty on. The reality is that it's all a bit stop-start.

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