Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sign of the times

After a couple of weeks when I had plenty of immediate stuff to be getting on with but, despite several enquiries and pitches, nothing new coming in, the phone started ringing today. Typically I was in a three hour university session on the National Security State in the interwar years so couldn't answer it!

But having got back here about an hour ago, I've agreed to take on one piece of work and have been asked to price for two others. Nothing big, but enough to keep the accountant happy.

I'm not sure there's any more confidence in the financial or real economies than there was a couple of weeks ago. Instead, I think that clients have realised that they can't hold their collective breath for ever, and have started to get on with the doing - perhaps realising that their businesses:

a) aren't investment banks
b) haven't got their money tied up in Iceland; and
c) still have to do all that's necessary to make money.

So, while cash-flow (more likely cash collection) may be a bit iffy in the next couple of months, the underlying trend is that the work's still out there and needs to be done.

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