Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sod's law

The law of sod definitely kicks in with a fiersome vengeance during the summer months.

I did a job for a new client back in June/early July and agreed terms that would see payment in a few days. A PO was raised and I was asked to bill against it as I went along.

I duly did so. Almost eight weeks on, one invoice was settled today, one has been rejected and the biggest one was indeed paid out a couple of weeks a totally different company.

So, the net result for me is a morning wasted with ping-pong phone calls - and seemingly a reliance on the company which received the funds in error to return them to my client before they can pay me.


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Mark Shanahan said...

Fair play to the company concerned - they've managed to sort things out quickly and I'll be getting paid this week.