Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's absolutely persisting down outside - another great British summer. But it's only a couple of weeks 'til I jet off to the sun and at the moment I've got a smile on my face.

Work shows no sign of slowing down and over the last 24 hours, three clients have contacted me with with:

  • clear briefs
  • decent deadlines
  • good project rates.
Even today, my contact on the project that was getting me down (probably because I was unwell over the bulk of it) has come back to me asking for a few small additions - but actually phoned me first to ask if I'd have time to do them.

Days like these demonstrate to me that most of my clients are really nice people and most of the work is fun...most of the time.

I know I'll be busy over the next fortnight meeting deadlines imposed by my own holiday - now it looks as though I'll be hitting the road running as soon as I come back. Credit crunch? Not round here...yet!

Happy days!

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