Monday, July 28, 2008

A bittersweet victory

Middle Middle, Middle, 'Sex, 'Sex 'Sex!

No doubt the visitor numbers to this blog'll go up a bit now that I've got sex into it - although the 'Sex in question is Middlesex County Cricket Club - the mighty Crusaders - who stormed to their first trophy since 1993 with an outstanding three run victory over Kent on Saturday night to win the Twenty20 Cup.

And what a bitter-sweet experience it was for me. I've supported the Middle since the mid 70s, but finally got round to becoming a member this season. Rory and Sophs have both been to Lord's for days this summer while Rory and I saw the side lose to Hampshire in the Twenty20 at Richmond, while Sophs saw the men in pink triumph over Kent (a good omen!) in the final home group game at Uxbridge.

I thoroughly enjoyed our unexpected QF win over Lancashire at the Oval....before it dawned on me that when the 'Sex strolled out at the Rosebowl on Finals Day, we'd be about 150 miles north in Birmingham at the wedding of Jac's brother James.

Now Saturday was a lovely day: the sun shone, the three-part wedding ceremony spread across Birmingham was a real event and we all got back to the hotel happy - not least as I glanced up at Sky Sports news and Saw that Middlesex had beaten Durham in the semis, and were about to start the final against Kent.

The only problem was there was no Sky Sports in the hotel, Sophs wanted to go to bed, and I was on babysitting duty for our three and two nieces. The kids wanted to watch Last Choir Standing....and the Lottery....and Casualty. I just wanted to keep up with the scores.

So the next couple of hours passed with lots of channel flicking, lots of nail biting - and five rather rowdy kids. I finally managed to wrestle the remote controls and got onto Sky Sports News as the presenter said 'We're down to the last ball and Kent need just three to win.......Henderson bowls, Kemp plays it over his head....but he's run out and Middlesex are victors by three runs!!'

So, I wait 15 years for Middlesex to get a sniff of a trophy - and then can't be there for the big day. But we won. I had a really nice day anyway - and there's always Antigua and Dubai to look forward to....yeah, my dreams!

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