Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Variety is the spice of life

Very little blogging going on here recently as I've been too damn busy working - with occasional bouts of family pride in between.

Work currently involves two days a week - which could easily expand to five - on my big change project; a related sub project developing and communicating quality standards; the development of communication competencies for manufacturing line management and a consultancy website. I also spent a chunk of yesterday with the CiB membership team looking at ways to encourage members to stay and for us to reduce churn. I now need to sit down and turn a lot of great ideas generated by the team into action.

Beyond work, we're heading to the end of term for the three kids. Rory has been hard at it on the sports front, with a winning cricket debut and also his first tennis tournament. He also read one of his own poems at the Risborough Festival - something that scares him rigid, but that he carried off really well - I'm very proud of him. And I'm just as proud of the girls: L-B performed in High School Musical last week, and then last Friday collected two achievement prizes at school - one a national prize for maths. She's quietly amazing. Sophie sang a solo at the Festival and appeared in her drama production on Sunday. She's not quiet, but she's equally amazing.

The kids will all be off from Friday which adds extra complexities to the working day. It looks like we'll be flat out to mid-August - very profitable and very busy - so two weeks in France are looking ever more appealing.

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