Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tre Azam

Tre Azzam was one of the Apprentice candidates 'fired' before they'd got the job last night. Given that I've had more hits to this blog today (just for mentioning Katie Hopkins) than I'd normally get in a week, I thought I'd see if the 'magic of Tre' has the same effect.

International businessman and leader of world conglomerates he may be, but as one of Sugar's cronies described him last night, he has 'a small vocabulary, about half of which is composed of swear words'.

Tre talked up his own reputation as a marketing, design and brand consultant - but his own website IDMM does him no favours. It's riddled with typos, grammatical errors and the misuse of language.

Okay, I often type faster than I think, but my cack-handedness very rarely ends up in the client's final version.

Tre, mate, I think you need someone to review your site content - I'd do it myself, just for the laugh!

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sanimoyo said...

Tre is a legend mate