Tuesday, June 05, 2007

London 2012 - sponsored by ZZ Top

So here it is, right at the cutting edge of contemporary design we have the new album cover for ZZ Top!.....No, hang on, it's......it's...... a radical new look for the SS.....nope, it's a really rubbish jigsaw.....no...it's a broken Rubik's cube!
What we have, of course, is the new visual identity for the London 2012 Olympics. It's an image that's meant to draw us all in and make everyone in Britain proud to be associated with this great event.
What a load of cack. Top branding agency Wolf Ollins should really know better, but have allowed a bunch of 20-something creatives to dictate a look and feel that's entirely alien to anyone who isn't a post Generation Y.
The London 2012 organisers should have known better, but have succumbed to Emperor's New Clothes syndrome. Someone should have been brave enough to object to this tosh, but no-one wanted to appear untrendy, out of touch and uncool.
So what have we got? A tawdry dayglo cartoon devoid of any link to sport, devoid of any link to London. Something to be proud of? I don't think so.
This design has no class, but more than that, it has no connection. This doesn't strike a chord with all those with a stake in the games - it's merely a triumph of arsey design over function.
I'll bet the burghers of Paris and Madrid are having a good old chuckle - and I'll bet this isn't around when the flame's lit in 2012.
If Seb Coe and his buddies wanted to connect with Team GB - from kids to grannies, why not open the design competition up to the public - or at least let us vote on the options.
However much this particular turd is polished, it still looks like a pile of poo to me.

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