Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Katie Hopkins: honesty the best policy?

Sometimes wearing your stone-cold heart on your sleeve does you no favours. Apprentice shrew Katie hard-nosed Hopkins has apparently been given the push by her employers, The Met Office.

According to a BBC report, Hopkins has failed her probationary period with Britain's weather information service - and the report alludes to the fact that she may have been telling porkies about her salary too.

Hopkins considered being a bitch to be a business virtue - but in a business world where open and honest communication is a prized - though rarely realised - virtue, her Thatcherite, greed-is-goodness seems to have tripped her up big time.

She's had her day in the sun, and going 'kiss n tell' to the News of the World will, I hope, hasten her fall from C list to F list...and, I trust, F-off list.

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