Thursday, April 12, 2007

Whatever it is, it isn't English

It takes a true celebrity at the stellar end of the fame spectrum to demonstrate just how out of touch with the real world some people can get.

Naomi Campbell is one of the best-known and most highly-paid clothes horses on earth. Tall, slim and attractive in a large-featured model kind of way, she has inhabited the upper echelons of the fashion world for the best part of two decades.

But she has also inhabited a little bubble of Naomi world where she's surrounded by sycophants and toadies who allow her to regularly display a petulance i wouldn't take from my six year old. It's amazing what people will put up with when they're paid a fat salary to leech of someone else's fame.

But some people aren't quite paid the same - I doubt the maid who was on the receiving end of the diamond-studded phone thrown at her by Campbell was a higher rate tax payer, yet the model clearly felt justified in flinging the electronic brick at her and causing her an injury. In Campbell's mind, she clearly has the authority vested on her by fame to act like an absolute pig.

Thankfully a judge didn't see it that way and ordered the uber-model to get her hands dirty, spending five days working in NYC's sanitation department. However, Campbell's publicity team even managed to turn that into a modelling assignment, as Naomi arrived every day dolled up to the nines in a full media glare.

Would it not have been more crushing to her to insist she caught public transport each day and arrived without an entourage?

Anyway, Campbell was interviewed last night on ITV news, and spouted the most complete load of psycho-bullshit I've heard for quite a while. Whatever she was saying, it wasn't in intelligible English. Was she repentant? Well, she didn't seem so. Was she a calmer person?

Well, she seemed rather in denial about that - much as she had been about an alleged drug problem in her past. "I'm in an honest place now," she told a slightly bemused interviewer.

'An honest place'? What does that mean? Does it mean anything or is it just one of those nice therapy handles celebrities seem to grab when the world has stopped revolving around them?

Does it mean that Naomi Campbell now recognises that she's a total bitch? Great if that's true, but being honest doesn't excuse or change behaviour.

Funny enough, Campbell could face further assault charges in the UK following another incident when she through more than her weight around. I hope the English law system finds a means of dealing with her that challenges her more on her behaviour and is able to break through the closed ranks of sycophants around her.

She's a spoilt bully, but bullies ultimately are brought down.

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ron said...

I share your outrage, Mark. But I'm afraid the idea that bullies are ultimately brought down is wishful thinking (wished by me, too, by the way). Unfortunately, we live in a society where bullies are often handsomely rewarded for their sociopathic behavior. One has only to look as far as Gordon Ramsay's ogre-like behavior in his kitchens and on his TV shows to see a recent example of another asshole rising to the top. And I lost count of the number of CEOs who exhibit absolutely horrible traits and yet continue to ascend, as long as they're delivering value to shareholders. Our society needs a major injection of humanity, but where we're going to get it is still a mystery to me.