Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Note to self

I've lost two notebooks, and am more than a little lost without them.

In the seven years of Leapfrog's business life I've lived and died by filling note books with interviews, with research, with people's numbers and with random jottings. Now, two of my current aide memoires have gone missing.

I'm sure they're here somewhere, and I'm sure they'll turn up....eventually. I just really could have done with one of them today to recheck some comments from an interviewee on an article I'm writing for BBC History magazine, while the other had some prep notes for an interview I'm doing in Vienna on Friday.

Neither book is vital, but to be without them is galling. My Sony IC digital recorder's in front of me, and my trusty old Sony voicer recorder's in the draw - but there's nothing quite like a pad and a pen.

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