Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I should be in Scotland today meeting with a client to look at how they market their training to colleagues within the business. Unfortunately I took a call from a very husky-sounding French lady yesterday evening postponing the meeting due to her illness - and a rampant sore throat infection raging through her team. So, the best laid plans turned into a bit of a tail spin. Oh well, it's supposed to be snowing up there today, so I'm better off down here......maybe.

At least it enabled me to resurrect another meeting closer to home this morning which has thrown up another plate to juggle over the next couple of weeks. Actually, driving back an hour or so ago, I was arranging and prioritising my work in my head. At the moment it looks like this:

1. Write an article for a charity's magazine on their new approach to meals on wheels
2. Draft copy for a new communications campaign for a security business
3. Write two e-training/communication packs for an international bank
4. Research/write a piece for an avionics website on the new Cold War Exhibition at the RAF Museum at Cosford
5. Plan a visit to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford to check out the new AirSpace exhibit for BBC History Magazine
6. Write a piece for a training website on the communication training needs of line managers
7. Put together - and deliver - a training package on business writing for new communication managers
8. Create the supporting materials to launch a new communication channel strategy for a business
9. Revise and revamp my Output to Outcome course for another airing in April; and
10. Do loads of unpaid stuff for CiB.

I haven't had this varied a workload for a couple of years - and have to say it's quite fun, with a nice balance of organisational communication and 'anorak studies'. And all this without the work I should be being briefed on right at this moment. Can't be bad, eh?

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