Thursday, February 01, 2007

Can we preach to the needy not the converted?

I've just posted something in the IABC's memberspeak area that's also worth raising on here. If you have a take on this issue, please do chuck in your view.

I'm writing a piece for a training publication in the UK on what communication skills we should be training line managers and leaders in across our organizations.

My take is that there are many great communication courses out there - both in-house and provided externally - covering both the strategic side of communication and the nuts and bolts of making it happen, yet places are invariably filled by professional communicators.

Leaders may get courses in powerpoint and presentation skills, yet remain ill-equipped to take on the challenges, particularly in internal communication, that our new democratised communication frameworks and social media opportunities offer. If we, as professional communicators, are less of the doers and more of the facilitators, what skills should we be enabling line managers to achieve? And, if we know the blueprint for what communiation skills the line should have, how far are we in terms of getting those managers skilled-up?

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