Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The write spirit

Today's the first quiet day after a week of frantic festive (and working) activity - but I'm rubbish at sitting around, so spent the last couple of hours judging entries for a business writing competition.

The winning entry is great - a serious subject tackled with a light touch and obvious flair. The result was a lot of practical information communicated very effectively - and supported by a strong and relevantly-humorous design.

There were several other strong entries in the category - and some complete and utter dross - all the more embarrassing as I know at least a couple of the writers.

I'm a workaday writer, but crikey, maybe I should be entering some of these competitions. I was judging entries on content, style, spelling and grammar, relevance to their audience and overall impact. 25 per cent of the entries in the category failed even to get half marks - who on earth thought these tired and cliche-ridden pieces were worth an accolade?

Perhaps we need a new category for the worst business features of the year?

Bah humbug....!


Lee Hopkins said...

Sounds like we need a 'complete cr*p' category, or a 'overused metaphor monopoly' category.

Going forward, I can see that such synergistic componentry could be useful in displaying market-reaching ideas and timely interventions, don't you? :-)

Lee Hopkins said...

Mark -- these might be the gifts to send the winning authors :-)

Mark Shanahan said...

I'm going for the 'best use of a comma in a built-up area' category. In this age of every precious flower being rewarded for their less-than-optimal-success achievement, too many people expect to be loved for EVERYTHING they do.

By 'eck, it wasn't like that in my day. It were grim! (to be said in a strange cod-Northern accent).

Nice gifts by the way, Lee!