Monday, December 18, 2006

Fractured thoughts

It has been a fractured start to the week - quite literally - following on from something of a broken end to last week.

Chez Leapfrog looks none too festive at the moment, largely down to the fact that most of our Christmas decorations were caught up in the leak that has ruined several crates of my stuff in a storage depot.

We've been asked to leave the soggy, damp or water damaged goods in the lock-up until an insurance assessor has taken a look. Unfortunately that means I can't root through our stuff and see what's salvageable.

I know I've lost a ton of CDs, loads of copies of work from the last 12 years, hundreds of magazines that I've contributed to over the years and what could prove to be some important business records such as bank statements and financial records. But the only stuff that really matters to me are some family photos and the flippin' Christmas decorations - I guess just about everything else is replaceable, apart from the memories of 20 years' of family life.

Anyway, family life took a little lurch to the left yesterday as Rory attempted to stop a marauding Witney U11 forward with his collar bone. Unfortunately said forward was head down and driving through a ruck and unsurprisingly Rory came off worst.

So, instead of spending yesterday afternoon listening to Sophie singing at St. Mary's Christingle service, Rory and I were admiring the walls of A&E at the JR in Oxford for two and a half hours. Then it was back to the fracture clinic for another visit this morning.

A fractured clavicle is one of those really annoying injuries: painful, but little they can do other than stick one's arm in a sling.

It's, in every sense, a tough break at this time of year....but as I reminded Rory, a fracture's for Christmas, not for life.....!

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