Friday, October 06, 2006


Funny old week. Stress levels have been quite high with work deadlines flying around and the dreaded 11+ finally coming around. Rory was calm, which is great, far calmer than his parents! Part two is next week - thankfully after Wednesday it can all be forgotten.

Yesterday was a huge flurry of calls and emails as projects came to completion.....which has left a quiet day today...too quiet.

There's stuff I should be doing around book keeping, around research for CiB and around subbing a long and complicated magazine article. But I can't get down to things. The reason? My appearance on the Weakest Link this evening.

Four months after filming the show, transmission has finally come round. I know how the show pans out and how far I get in it - but I'm still nervous. The crew filmed us for the best part of three hours - plenty of time to hang myself even when the show's edited to a shade under 45 minutes.

The filming's a bit of a blur now - but I'm sure I made a bit of a prat of myself (but isn't that the essence of the show?). I'm intrigued to see how all our contributions will be edited and am sufficiently vain to be curious as to how I'll look on telly - not great, I expect.

As a young journalist, I had a news editor who tripped out the cliche: "You've a great face for radio" ......... and followed it up with the barbed "and a great voice for print!".

Okay, so over the last couple of decades I've had a few forays into radio, but my screen presence is limited to one Granada regional documentary made in 1985! These days, I'm very happy to hide behind my keyboard - which makes tonight's Warhol moment feel rather excruciating at the moment.

Anyway, just under six hours to go....and counting.

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