Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Infamy, infamy...

....they've all got in it for me.

Well. Not at all. It seems that fame has struck at last. Well, not fame exactly, but fame in the narrower band of the blogosphere. Well, not the whole blogosphere, but the PR blogosphere. And since that's the area in which I operate, that's more than good enough for me.

Shel Holtz referenced my comments on the IABC's Communications Commons in the latest For Immediate Release podcast. Neville Hobson was then complimentary about this blog - and owned up to being a lurker here for the past five months.

Well, that's very gratifying to know and turns the wheel full circle - as I've been checking out Neville's blog since hearing him speak some months ago at an IABC/CiB event in London where he, plus Euen Semple from the BBC and a chap from Guardian online were discussing the impact of the new millennium's communication tools. NevOn has now transmogrified into a new site at a new location here. I keep coming across Shel'd name more and more, and plan to look much more closely at what he has to say at the shel of his former self.

Now I'm technologically semi-literate and, while an advocate of podcasts, wikis and the like, haven't ventured beyond this blog. I've never even put a tracker on this site (partly through never having spent the time working out how to) as I've always had it in the back of my mind that the blog is actually visited only about four times a day - three times it's me, and once it's a spammer.

I guess I'll now have to be a little less random and rather more regular in posting a little bit of sense and less Shanahan angst.

But isn't this just the way that the new social communication is going? People I don't know and have had next to no contact with are taking an interest in what I have to say. It's only human now for me to be more interested in them - and for me to want to say more that I hope will be of interest. Ever more I believe that even as keyboard warriors, we can use the new tools as a way to create and unite far wider, deeper and richer communities of interest than anything available in the past has allowed us to do.

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