Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Course: From output to outcome

I'm putting my money where my mouth is and running a one day course through CiB called 'From Output to Outcome' on May 17 in London. The details are here.

Essentially it'll take attendees through the changing comms landscape that moves organisational communication from a 'decision made, end of process transaction' to part of the business planning process focused on finding the right tools to create the desired business impact.

Once we've got the theory out of the way in the morning, the afternoon will be spent creating a comms plan around a real-life scenario - and participants will be able to match up what they did against what happened in the real-world experience.

There's only one place left on the May 17 event, but I'm happy to run a second May/June date or take the programme into companies if there's further interest.


LeverWealth said...

Presumably this is a trot throgh Anne gregory's book 'Planning and manageing public relations campiagn'. I hope the book is a lot cheaper than your fee if only because the atendees are so bad at CPD.

Mark Shanahan said...

Well, you presume wrong. Not a book I've read - and I'm not sure what you're actually on about in the rest of your comment.

Care to share?