Monday, February 06, 2006


Funny old month. One piece of work I wasn't looking forward to turned out to be great, while another client's project turned out to be seriously life shortening. I've aso won a new contract in a new area in keeping with the direction that I want to take the business. And, in reshaping my life and priorities, I've also stepped down from rugby coaching for the time being.

Leaving the rugby coaching behind is a wrench. But after nearly four years and a home move to another county, I was becoming stale and the team needed a lift. I'm sure they'll go on to great things, and I hope I can get involved at assistant level closer to home next season.

Working for an IT team once again turned out to be seriously weird - and I'm glad the project has finished. My real bugbear is that IT folk are more concerned with the shiny tools and and communication-by-calendar rather than really defining the purpose of why they're communicating. Still, my piece of work defined that they needed a direct, full-time, in-house resource so maybe that person, once hired can make a real difference.

On the success front, we managed the announcement of a £75 million inward investment in the UK arm of a pharma company smoothly and without surprises - despite tha fact it means a relocation out of London for up to 250 employees. It was great to be able to clearly define the task and make it happen - all over a six week period. I hope it'll lead to continued partnering with the client over the next two years as they build their new facility and a new culture for the business within it.

Finally, last Friday I picked up two pieces of writing - one small, but a client returning to Leapfrog yet again, and one completely new client - a law firm looking for a new voice for its client publication. I'm really looking forward to being that voice.

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