Monday, February 20, 2006

Negative energy

Jac's four months into a six month contract which means I'm in the office on my own most days. And on quiet days like today - with the half-term break just over, it's hard to summon up sufficient energy to get something new done.

At present I'm waiting for one client to come back with final amends on a summary of their global employee commitment survey; waiting for a design agency to come back with the visual they're putting round my words for a financial services brochure; waiting for a corporate client to give the yes/no to a proposal for poutting their marketing tools on line; waiting for a law firm to give me a final story/contact list for their client mag and waiting for a pharma to move into the next phase of their relocation communications.

Nothing has moved today, which is a tad frustrating.

I have put a cheque in the post to pay for an ad we run in Communicators in Business - though I need to change the strapline on future placings. I've also chased payment from a corporate for work completed more than a month ago - for which they still haven't raised a PO (grrr!!)!

But aside from that I've managed little to do with work. I've exchanged some e-mails with a couple of friends; downloaded some pictures we took in Bournemouth over the weekend and binned a load of old paperwork. But it has been hard to get down to anything too serious work-wise. after a week when the whole family has been flu-ridden, I've actually got a fair bit of energy today - making 'client suspense' all the more frustrating.

I'll have to find a positive way of channelling the energy for the next few hours.

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