Monday, October 03, 2005

The Monday after the weekend before

My head hurts, my back and legs are aching and my typing fingers are freezing!..... Just another Monday morning then.

Work status is slightly more up in the air than usual for both mine and Jac's projects. Jac has an offer that she's thinking over at the moment while a project I've been working on for the last year has now reached a point where it really should be taken in-house by the client. But they're in the ummm...and ahhh....err??? stage at present. Still, a couple of interesting pieces have come in over the last few days that'll pick up the slack if said vision and values piece moves on finally.

Anyway, it has been a very busy weekend. On top of L-B's swimming and Soph's drama, Rory has been putting together pictures for a wildlife photography competition and we've also had the season's first mini rugby festival.

Dad and son Spent Saturday afternoon at Rickmansworth Aquadrome with Rory pointing the camera at all things aquatic. He was really pleased and I was really impressed with the results (above) - pretty damn good for a nine year old I think! Both pictures were taken right at the end of the afternoon as the rain finally let up and the sun started to set - why hadn't we just waited until then to go out....?!

Then it was up early yesterday morning for a drive over to the grove Minis festival where Oxford RFC U10s came a creditable third with thumping wins over Gosford and Abingdon and a smashing one try apiece draw with Wallingford. We lost in the semis to the eventual winners and the side came away with great credit. Meanwhile I'm knackered having just led the warm-ups and attempted to run some coaching through the day.....that's what comes from being an unfit, 41 year old.

It's feeling very autumnal now and I've just had to put the office heating on for the first time since May. So I guess it's finally goodbye summer.

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Mark Shanahan said...

Rory won the wildlife photography competition - lashings of ginger beer all round!