Tuesday, August 23, 2005

AOL service???

I've wasted most of my day today. wasted it trying to upgrade a modem driver with a piece of crap purporting to be an update from AOL. Oh, it'll happily uninstall my old drivers, but will it replace them with the new ones? No it bleeding well won't.

So I try it a couple of times to make sure I'm doing the right thing - with the same lousy result. Each time I have to recover my system - and the whole operations wastes about an hour or so. So i get back online and go to AOL's wonderful Live Help. Now it's not easy or quick going through all the steps I've done to pinpoint why the software won't load, but I try - and get kicked off Live help. So I try again, same result. The next time I'm given useless information - and then logged off entireley. And the fourth time, when i start with 'please don't log me off' - i get logged off.

So I ring AOL Member Services - at 7.51p per minute. After 25 minutes of going round in circles I'm told to log off, put the phone down and use a dial up to connect to my account and redownload the same piece of software that hasn't loaded from two other sources. CRAP ADVICE - and suffice to say it doesn't work.

So I try to get an online complaints form....but guess what, you have to rind custmer services for that. So I did, over an hour ago. It took seven minutes and five seconds for them to agree to send me a complaint form....and it still hasn't arrived!!!

Why am I bothering with this upgrade? Because they told me I have to do it before the 31st or my broadband reduces in speed to 128kbps - about a third of my current speed.

I hate AOL.

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