Monday, July 25, 2005

Another week...another project....

And so Monday dawned. The chance to get a couple of projects out oif the way and get into a couple of others that have been hovering for a week or two. But now as I write about six hours later, nothing much has happened.

Across the UK, kids have broken up for the summer. The result for me? A wide and varied selection of voicemails and out of office e-mails to deal with.

This week, I'm supposed to be conducting nine telephone interviews. Unfortunately only two interviewees are around. I should also be getting sign-off from a CEO on a client project, but that CEO is out of the country. I should be making final tweaks on a launch campaign for another client - but no-one's home there.

I'm open for business - but everyone else seems to be at the beach.....bah humbug!

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