Monday, March 14, 2005

24 little hours

What a difference a day makes....and all that.

The first half of my weekend saw me have to break into my own shed to retreive my garden tools - I now have to hang a new shed door later today - just so that I could pick up the pulp of about 2000 apples that had fallen last Autumn and rotted nicely into the garden killing off the grass. I know I should have done this last November, and not in March, but sloth sometimes is my middle name.

Anyway, sack after sack after sack of mouldy apple pulp later, I headed off to the dump - where Mr. Jobsworth of Nether Jobsworthy engaged me in an argument as to whether I should be dumping my rubblish in the general bins when of course apple pulp is green waste. Now my 'green waste' had a nice high acid content and was mixed up with a ton of mud and crud left over from the building work done before we moved into Parkview. Weirdly, I won the day. I'm not sure how.

Anyway, this came after daughter no. 1's swimming lesson was cancelled (we found out after we'd run from home to the pool) and son had been grounded for being a little sod, but before daughter no.2 had a complete paddy meaning none of us got to go to football.

All in all Saturday was a pretty shitty day.

So Sunday dawned bright but cold and the thought of a two-hour plus drive to Wales for an U9s rugby match had never appealed less. I had the bare 10 players travelling - with a number of our 'stars' opting out. I soon heard our 10 was reduced to nine.....interesting as we were to play a 10-a-side game.

But the journey was easy. Shanahan junior was in the opposite of his Saturday head-spinning self, and the good folk of Croesyceiliog RFC were incredibly welcoming.

Things got better: adding a few U8 players to our mix, we stormed the Welsh bastions winning 45-5 - with Shanahan junior collecting a brace of tries.

We then slipped through a hole in the time-matter continuum to get back to Wycombe (130 miles away) just after 3pm, cruised straight into Adams Park, bagged a free parking space and watched Wasps defeat Tykes.

We finished the day as a family at the local Chinese buffet, replete and happy.

Today I'm smiling.

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