Monday, February 28, 2005

Output or outcome?

I've spent the day putting together a credentials presentation for a wonderful new animal - a pre-tender meeting. It's one of those great meetings where I have to pitch just to get on the tender list. Ok, it's great for business development practice, but may be a day of opportunity cost for no reward.

What has really struck me though is the brief which is totally focused on communication output rather than the business outcome this potential client is looking to achieve.

Now I may be wrong, but what appears important to this organisation is how many awards their staff publication is likely to win and how slick and pretty their presentations are.

Hmm, strikes me that their priorities may be wrong.

My internal communication credo is simple: Communication is about engaging employees so that the best stay with the organisation longest and, by contributing excellence to their employer, benefit personally and through the success of the organisation. That's the outcome I'm striving for through what I do......if the media is recognised along the way, great - but that's not the primary focus.

Anyway. maybe I'm misreading the organisation. More when I've met with them and understand their needs a little more clearly.

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Mark Shanahan said...

Replying to my own posting - how sad is that!

My 'pretend' - ok, pre-tender - meeting has now been postponed.

Upside? I don't have to drive to Gatwick on a paticularly dreary day.

Downside? I now can't avoid my business admin any longer, and the whole process of trying to secure a new client gets drawn out even longer.

Still, it's March, the tree outside my window's in bud and an agency has just agreed to pay for some work that still hasn't been used!